We start all our carpet cleans by moving any furniture if possible. All our cleaners wear protective footwear and take utmost care whilst in your home or property. A thorough vacuum of the carpet is then carried out using our own equipment. If areas are particularly stained or marked, a stain treatment is applied with a concentrated dilution of cleaning solution to help with the main clean.

Malvern Cleaning Services uses a professional hot water extraction process with quick dry results. Most carpets dry in under a few hours, often before, depending on the depth of the carpet. We provide a deep clean that penetrates down to the base of your carpets and extracts grit, dirt and stains to leave your carpets fresh, clean and healthy.

Our system has a fully controllable water flow, so even the most delicate carpet textures and rugs are safely cleaned. This is the best, most effective way to remove dirt, chemicals, stains or allergens from any carpet.

We then apply a layer of carpet protection – Cleaning is the first step, but rinsing and carpet protection are the other – why? When you clean a carpet you also remove any protection it once had leaving your carpet free to collect more dirt and stains than ever before. Applying carpet protection is therefore essential and is always applied with our service. This helps stop any liquids or other agents from sinking in and adhering to the fibres of your carpet. Preserving your carpets and keeping them looking clean, fresh and great for even longer.

Finally, carpet grooming, if needed, is given followed by a final inspection showing the customer how the process has been applied and work completed.

Upholstery cleaning is important to keep your home looking great and to extend the life of your furniture. It is often over looked, yet the difference can be dramatic. Upholstery ranges from arm chairs to large 5 seat couches. It may be appropriate to view the furniture first but not always necessary.

Our effective hot water extraction process will help bring you upholstery back to its fantastic original condition with colours more vibrant.

We start with a thorough vacuum, including cushions. Then stain treatment as needed using various professional cleaning agents. The hot water extraction process is used to reach all areas, taking padding out of the cushions first. Completing the clean with rinsing, protection, then final inspection.

It’s surprising what comes out after a good clean, the difference it makes to your carpets and upholstery often amazes our customers.

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