Cleaning your oven is often an unappealing task to most people and with mixed results, its often a job that needed doing some time ago. Our very first Malvern Cleaning Services customer was for an oven clean over 10 years ago. We’re experienced in cleaning all types of ovens and have seen it all. Don’t worry if your oven is in need of a good clean, they are built for cleaning!

Whether gas, AGA, or electric, we can clean your oven so it’s looking as good as new again.

The cleaning process includes cleaning the interior, exterior, hob, removable parts and extractor fan, as needed, to meet our high level of clean quality. All removable parts are either cleaned on site or placed in a high temperature dip tank with cleaning solution, to clean off even the toughest burnt on carbon, grease and grime.

The racks and panels are removed, to allow access to the interior. The light bulb replaced if needed and bulb protector will then be thoroughly cleaned and refitted. The door is removed, while this helps with access to the oven, it also allows us to dismantle the door and ensure the glass (sometimes there are 4 sheets of glass in a door) is cleaned on both sides and replaced. Extractor hood is cleaned and filters are either changed or put into a hot soak, cleaned and then rinsed before replacing.

You will be amazed at just how clean we can get your oven, it will usually take between two and three hours. Giving your appliances a new lease of life.

Deep clean inside and out

Trays and shelves dip cleaned

All removable parts taken out and cleaned

Door removed and all glass cleaned

Filters and bulbs cleaned or replaced

Malvern Cleaning services, clean to the highest levels of quality, the results of a professional oven clean can make your oven look brand new again. Our service relies on attention to detail, we remove all parts including the door, to truly clean every inch of your appliance so no area goes uncleaned.

We use 10 years of experience, professional equipment and products to provide a service that far surpasses a DIY clean.

We have seen all types and sizes of ovens and kitchen appliances with varying levels of cleanliness, no job is too big or too small. So contact us today to arrange your oven clean!

Our oven cleaning service can be combined with any or all of our other services, including carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleans and domestic full cleans.

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