Window cleaning services ensure your windows look as clear as new. We also look out for any damage and if any is noticed during the clean, this will always be reported to the owner.

Our window cleanig service uses pure water with all impurities removed. Resulting in no marks or streaks being left on your windows, as the water is pure, there are no contaminants to leave marks.

The water undergoes a process called reverse osmosis through a canister of nuclear grade resin. This removes any impurities which may be left.

The water is then heated to between 50 – 60 C, to aid the removal of surface dirt, producing clear water which produces the best results.

The maximum height for window cleaning is 50ft which is usually enough for any house.

As part of this process an additional gutter cleaning is provided using a camera operated system. This ensures the gutter is not just cleaned but can be inspected afterwards to ensure the channel is free of debris.

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