Thoughts of a Cleaner: A New Cold War

Published on 29 March 2018

Keeping on a contemporary note – the current political situation with the west and Russia has heated up to an almost fever pitch level. Some may say out of control and into a new cold war. The poisoning of Skripal and his daughter for apparently no reason is of course a terrible act, leaving them in a critical condition. How this happened is the whole point of the controversy. Long before now the word Russia immediately sparks a negative feeling I think into most people in the UK. For years the term ‘Russian threat’ has been said so many times, when there was nothing in the media about a threat, will eventually have an effect on many people. S what can be said that hasn’t already been said.

I like so many others can see why Russia has been blamed for this after all it’s a nerve agent and Russia produced this back in the 80’s and of course Skripal is or was a Russian spy, who was imprisoned for treason for years prior to coming to the UK in a swap.

Even so anyone who wants to know the truth behind this would have to ask some serious questions. Perhaps the first is why would Russia assassinate a man they let go in the first place? He had even been pardoned and been living in the UK for years. Secondly why use nerve agent if it was Russia? Surly this would immediately lead anyone to suspect the Russians were involved even if they didn’t carry out the attempt themselves. I think this is a particularly odd one. There are many ways to carry out such an act so why use a method that leave a trail of suspicion right to your door?

Why now? whats so special about now or what would be the advantage and to whom now? I would of thought this would have been very bad timing for Russia to do this as the world cup no less is about to ‘kick off’ there and why would they want to jeopardise this in any way. I think, If Im correct Iceland, (don’t you just think of the store when you read that) has already pulled out! So is that a sign of things to come, Im sure it is.

What prompted whoever did this, to carry it out? Skripal was a double agent working for the Uk and is that anything to do with what happened. It must be at the centre of the investigation.

Investigation, why not wait for the international police investigation before accusing anyone? The blame game has already finished but surly if there’s going to be an investigation this is what’s important as once evidence is found, if it ever will be, then the condemnation can really be justified. I think the investigation is going on but many are not interested in this and are fully convinced who the culprit! I can’t say, from where I’m sitting, I can’t entirely blame them but if the verdict has been given  – why bother?

The spy game is everywhere and every country has its agents operating across the world. You have to ask yourself how many double agents originally working for the MI5 passing defence secrets to whoever, suddenly and unexpectedly and mysteriously encountered ‘James Bond’, never to be seen again!

As far as May like many people is concerned and other NATO allies the Russians did this and are a threat. This was a terrible assassination attempt, but as far as I can see not a threat to us or anyone else.

This issue can divide people and of course is as political as it gets. My only take on this is that the UK government has been using the term ‘Russian threat’, for ever and has not waited for any official investigation what so ever. Surly as has been stated in the commons, we should await for the results of an official investigation, especially when the stakes are so high, i.e. world peace, before any actions are made.



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