Winter Colds and Flu

Published on 7 February 2018

This is the time of the year I’m sure for many people paying off the Christmas and New Year’s debts so easily accrued, especially if you have a large family, but hopefully worth it. It’s also, unfortunately, the time of year for catching the ‘bug’ colds and flu and this year I’ve had my experience of it for the first time in 25years. Keeping your house clean is important to anyone whatever the time of year. It’s at this time of year perhaps more important than any other apparently this year has been a particularly bad year for colds and seasonal influenza. Japanese and Aussie flu – never heard of them.

Briefly, my experience of it this year, New Year’s Eve to be precise didn’t exist as I was delirious by then sweating buckets with aches and shakes coughing and not eating for 3 days – great fun, Not!

How do you catch it? – They say,(whoever they are), that its nothing to do with the cold, really? absolute nonsense.  It’s everything to do with being cold as far as I can see. The great Bernard Cornwell described it in character in one of his books (possibly the Saxon sagas, I’ve read much of his work ) as ‘’the winter fever’’ – because 99 times out of a 100 that’s when you get it. We all know coughing and sneezing (especially form those thoughtless enough to go out coughing and sneezing in the first place or not bothering to use a good old-fashioned handkerchief) can spread the bug. But I understand that it’s more common due to ‘contact’ which is not so often thought about. Such things as shaking hands with someone but more often touching a surface, like a tap or a door handle which is where so many pick it up.

What is a virus? – As for as I can see they’re not really like anything else. I once worked with a lady who had a doctorate from Cambridge University in biology, she said are they a life form at all? Weird. They are an organism if I can term them as such, which have to live and multiply in the host’s cells, us, where they can multiply so they’re parasites and incredibly small even under a microscope allowing them to enter cells in the first place.

So what do you do to not catch it? – Quite simple avoid everybody from December until March!. Job did, Or change your DNA. However if that’s not possible, for some it won’t be I’m sure if you have a normal life, the flu jab is No 1 – it does work. I’ve had a jab for the last 20 and only had flu 19 of those years – only kidding, no it’s a plus and certainly worth it for me. I don’t know what went wrong this year?

Secondly – I’d avoid anyone with the symptoms if at all possible. The workplace doesn’t make it easy and the children at school again not much you can do about that either. My advice is don’t shake hands with anyone in the winter, I’m sure that’s how I got it, which is exactly what people do around this time of year do of course with the seasonal celebrations. Avoidance is the best strategy surly, but not easy to do, I mean who’s got it?.

Carrying on from earlier ‘contact’ – another preventive action which I think is the most important such as cleaning taps light switches or door handles in your home including surfaces.

There are several antibacterial products of course which are great – but they don’t touch this as it’s a virus, not bacteria, bacteria being much larger in size. Bacteria can be dealt with more easily which is the infection i.e. antibiotics. There are cleaning products which say ‘’kills flu virus’’ I can’t say they do but its got to be worth a shot – I’ll definitely be using this next year.

What can you take if you get it?

Not much, flu remedies can help of course ease the suffering a little. This ranges from hot toddy to hospital but loads of paracetamol and vitamin C. keep popping those pills to the recommended amount of course.  I’ve read if you’re over 65 and you really feel awful with flu you should call the doctor. Sleep is really needed and if you can’t get to sleep try an herbal sleeping remedy – they really work and it’s what you need when you haven’t eaten for 2 days

It’s not a subject to dwell on but it’s a serious illness especially for the elderly and youth is no help. If any of you have been ill you certainly have my sympathy and I like you hope well for the year ahead


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