Happy New Year from Malvern Cleaning Services

Published on 23 January 2018

Another year begins and I hope you had a good festive season. Mine was traditional and that’s the way I like it. Some fly off on holiday but for me its about family and friends and something familiar. It wasn’t quite a white Christmas but there was snow on Boxing day!

Its got to be or at least should be a time to enjoy after all the winter festival – so I understand is ancient. The winter solstice 21st has been celebrated since Stonehenge was built, which is its purpose or one of them. So there’s nothing new celebrating this time of the year and I think everyone needs it then too.

2017 was it a good year?

Obviously it’s different for everyone but there were some big changes especially for the West. I find people often have short memories so here’s a few reminders of the big stories.

One of the biggest story’s to emerge from last year has to be Donald Trump, Omg! Many would say, gaining the presidency which shook the world up just a bit. He’s nothing like the run of the mill politician let alone a president, but he seems to have a handle on things and the US economy is doing well. It’s his effect on the rest of the world that Im concerned about.

Russian hacking – really? Well there’s been so much news on this yet absolutely no proof You have to ask, is it a convenient excuse a scape goat as to why the Democrats and Clinton lost the race?. Could hacking really affect who is in the white house?  Well what about US or UK? Do we hack the Russians? I’m sure this goes on all the time spying and listening, it’s what we do and good at after all we invented James Bond.

Here Theresa May called another general election? It turned out to be a blunder, losing her party many seats at Labours gain. Who could off predicted that happening? In another situation I think Theresa would of gone to but not at this time.

Then there was her predecessor, David Cameron, who lost his job due to Brexit whish he didn’t back. His campaign for us to stay in Europe was the wrong decision for him. Again could anyone of thought a Prime Minster with a mandate resigning over Brexit.

There were some terrible terrorist attacks too in the UK, and abroad. Here by the houses of parliament, and the Manchester area and the Texas shooting, just three examples. The security forces are doing a great job and let hope they can continue their surveillance operations and raids to protect us all.

The biggest story for the UK political scene has to be of course Brexit itself. This really is a big change Prime Ministers come and go but leaving the EU is a first and permanent move. I must say the coverage of the process drives me to boredom but its great bread and butter for the media and many politicians. What it really means in terms of the future we’ll see but I don’t feel this is a weak country so let’s be positive.

In medicine   there has been great breakthrough in the fight against Alzheimer’s, a major disease here. Also psychedelic drugs are apparently on the up and showing results in areas resistant to traditional treatments.

The North Korean crisis – another major event and something everyone’s watching. Of course we only get the wests perspective here but Im sure Korea is being purly defensive as even Kim jong-un isn’t mad enough to attack South Korea never mind the US. Let hope  that diplomacy wins and the talks go ahead as North has initiated.

Ive heard several people talk about the past year. Its easy to dismiss last or the ‘old year’ but for me it was a time of change. It certainly wasn’t a year I particularly enjoyed but much was done so a productive year.


2018 what’s ahead?

What happened to the New Year’s resolutions haa…! I haven’t made any so far, but I know if you have it’s a challenge and its more than luck of course. My tip – it really help to measure what you’re doing. It’s like any goal its important and easy to monitor or measure your progress. Its little steps that count. We’ve all known people to say that’s it I’m quitting smoking or the great post-Christmas diet yeah ok….I think how you gona do that then?.. This could be a complete blog on giving up smoking. For now, I cut down over a long period of time and noted how many I had. I still have the occasional one but reduced it to virtually none as I monitored my progress and it really helps to see it. Good luck with yours.

With all the festivities over, like most people, it’s a good time to turn to the year ahead and return to the familiar schedule of pre-Christmas routine. Now’s the time to plan for the year ahead which is what I’ve been doing, or beginning to.

Setting goals is always a good idea

Hopefully you’ve noticed that we’ve launched a new site, and Ledbury cleaning too. Which has been in the process of design for several weeks now. Hope fully it will be as easy to use and more helpful to customers. I’ve also added a jobs page so if there’s anyone you know interested they can always contact me here. There is also now a window cleaning page which is new provided for us, for all external window cleaning. Please look around it and any comments drop me a line. More on the sites later.

I hope also to be able to have a decent holiday this year another goal to be reached. I stay in the UK as there’s so many places to visit just need the sun.

I hope your year is going to be what you wanted and we can help with any of your cleaning needs so lets look forward to a happy and prosperous new year.

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