The Confessions of a Malvern Carpet Cleaner

Published on 11 August 2017

How to pick an ideal carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet and floors.

Malvern Cleaning Services has been in business for ten years. In that time, I have seen probably dozens of newcomers enter the market and then, after only a few months, disappear.

Often, I have been called in to clean the carpets of Malvern residents who have used the services of these ‘Flash’ merchants, and who have used the wrong processes on the carpets and have damaged them in the process. And trying to undo such damage is far harder than any normal carpet clean.

So with that in mind, I have decided to put together a short guide to explain how you should vet any carpet cleaning agency before you hire them. If you follow this advice, it could save you from any damage being done to your carpets and save you money in the leg term.

Is the carpet cleaner reputable?

There is no recommendation so powerful as word of mouth. A good carpet cleaning service that is recommended by one peer to another in a place like Malvern beats any other form of advertising. For my carpet cleaning business, this means that anything from 20-30% of my clients are referred to by previous customers, which is a figure I am genuinely proud of.

But it’s not always possible to find a personal recommendation: carpet cleaning is not a regular service for many clients, but rather a one-off with months (or even years) passing between cleans. So what other means are there of checking if your carpet cleaner is reputable? In this era of fake news, it is hard to be certain by examining a website on its own, so it is advised that you look further: do they have reviews on the internet of previous jobs? And, just as importantly, this brings us to our second point . . .

How long have they been in the carpet cleaning business?

Malvern Cleaning Services has been cleaning carpets throughout Worcestershire for a decade now. You simply can’t do that and continually offer a bad, fly-by-night service to such a local client base. To do a proper carpet clean, real care must be taken and two techniques must be used: a spot clean, to remove coffee stains, chewing gum, (or things that might be far worse!) and then a broad clean which aims to give the whole carpet that fresh uniform look. In other words, it is a job that isn’t easy, isn’t quick, and is one that requires diligence and care. If you are in it to make a quick buck, then I doubt very much indeed that you will have the simple wherewithal to last more than a few months once you become exposed to the reality of hard work.

Is your carpet cleaner insured?

I have to admit to being slightly disconcerted by how few people even ask this important detail. Any tradesman (or woman!) coming into someones home to do a job must be insured. There is no getting away from this point of law. So, don’t just take this advice meant for sourcing Malvern carpet cleaners, but adopt it for any other service you might require: from you fish monger to your black smith! (And yes, there is a practising black smith in Malvern still!)

Will they come out to provide a quote for the carpet cleaning before starting the job?

This element is a key question you should ask of any carpet cleaner tendering to do a job in your property. There is simply no substitute for a face to face meeting with someone for you to build your opinions on. It is also a time for you to point out concerns in the carpets, such as a particularly egregious mark left by an excited pet/child/husband (delete as appropriate!) that you would very much like removed. It will also give you a chance to evaluate their response to such questions, so you can see how experienced and expert they really are.

Will they provide a reference?

Whilst this question is less important than those that have preceded it, (even the ne’er-do-wells have family and possibly even friends they can call upon to provide such a legend), it should be asked nonetheless. Any reputable carpet cleaning business will have previous clients they can ask for a reference, though it might take a few hours for them to confirm that their previous clients are happy to do so. It is also best to ask if it can be provided via a phone call, so a brief question and answer session can, if you wish, be used to get a more rounded picture of the carpet cleaning service, rather than a static copy of an email or letter.

In conclusion, I hope these five points give you some indication of how to go about sourcing the best carpet cleaner for your needs in Malvern. And if you would just like any advice on carpet cleaning or what to do / what not to do, then please give me a call.


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